How to start racing

Are you a racing fan? You can race karts at any age. You can race in a karting championship from as young as 8 years old.

There is no age limit. If you have the passion, you can race!

Of course, there are some steps to climb before you can register in a racing event. Below you will find the description of these steps:


1Buy your kart and equipmentTo get into kart racing, you must own a kart and equipment (for ex. racing suit, helmet, gloves, shoes, rib protector, neck protector)
2Racing schoolTo be able to compete in a kart race, you must hold a racing licence issued by Karting Québec . To obtain this license, you must successfully complete a racing course from a recognized racing school such as our own Max Challenge racing school.
3Obtain your racing licenseIn addition to the racing school course, you must also be a member of a racing club (ex. Club de Karting St-Roch-de-L’Achigan), apply for a racing license, include a medical report and pay the licensing fees ($60 to $120, according to the license type).
4Register to racesFor example, the registration fees at each 2011 Coupe du Québec event are $100 per event.

* It is strongly recommended to have a good training period before registering in your first race. The better trained you are, the more safe and satisfying the racing will be for you. There is a big difference between running in practice and running in a race due to the stress factor. Usually, a new race driver will practice during one season and register in 1 or 2 races at the end of the season, in preparation for his first racing season the year after.

Racing classes

There are several racing classes in karting around the World. Here are the racing classes for the 2018 Coupe de Montréal championship:

Racing classesAgeDescription
Briggs & Stratton Cadet8 - 11 y.o.Entry class for the young racers. The kart is about 2/3 the size of a regular kart. This is a monotype class and uses 4 cycle engine. Top speed 80 km/h.
Briggs & Stratton Junior9 - 16 y.o.Monotype class using the Briggs & Stratton L206 engine. Entry price for this class is affordable and maintenance of the engine is inexpensive. Engine power is 5.5 h.p. with a top speed of 90 km/h.
Rotax Mini Max8 - 13 y.o.Monotype class using the Rotax Max Junior engine with restrictors. This powerfull liquid cooled 2-stroke engine is equipped with an electric starter. This reliable engine develops 15 hp and top speed is 100 km/h.
Rotax Max Junior12-15 y.o.Monotype class using the Rotax Max Junior engine. This powerfull liquid cooled 2-stroke engine is equipped with an electric starter. This reliable engine develops 22 hp and top speed is 120 km/h.
Briggs & Stratton Senior14 y.o. +Same as B & S junior, but with different carburettor to increase performance. Top speed is 90 km/h.
Briggs & Stratton Masters14 y.o. +Same as B & S Senior but the minimum weight is higher.
Rotax Max14 y.o. +The most popular class in the World. Same as the junior class but with 29 h.p. and top speed is 130 km/h.
Rotax DD215 y.o. +Shifter kart (2-speed gearbox), direct drive without chain, powerful (34 hp) and reliable. Top speed of 140 km/h.
Rotax DD2 Masters 32 y.o. +Same class as the Rotax DD2, but drivers must be 32 y.o. and over and the minimum weight is higher (397 lbs).
Open Shifter15 y.o. +6-speed shifter karts.