Enduro : New deadline for the registration

5 August 2014

SRA Karting invites you to a new endurance race on Tuesday August 12th, 2014, at 6 pm. The 2014 Enduro Invitational is a 3 hours endurance race, where technics and tactics will be needed. The event will take place because we officially reached the minimum of 10 teams registrated. We don’t accept more than 25 teams for the event.

For those who still want to register, your team must be registrated before 5 pm on Friday August 8th, 2014. The amount of $200,00 must be paid in full upon registration. You may do it in person or by Paypal. The registration form is available here.

Team leaderTeam name
Renaud Auger-Labonté1way
Adrien ParionaLes Exploseurs
François St-PierreFSP Racing
Nathaniel Lalande-BertrandBaja lightweight
Frédéric CécilF&J Racing
Samuel MauraisTeam Baja
Jean-Philippe PednaudScuderia Forza
Ben CooperJim Russell Karting
Mathieu VillemaireLes Old Timer
Simon ComtoisTeam GT
Simon BouchardDude Motorsports
Ghislain PépinDr du Pare-Brise
Christophe BoisclairSRA Karting
Éric DubéBlack Knights
Philippe HarbourMax Go Kart
Jonathan NolinAuto Race
Mike BélairSuper challenge
Samuel RoweNinjaz
Yvon Sylvain BW Racing
Marcelin CantinSponsors
Natael CantinYoungblood
Junior TétraultSH Dream team
Steven SzigetiRainbow Patrol
Wally PolloSpartacus Racing


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