SWS : Hamzi Ataya still on top

19 August 2014

For the second time of the season, Hamzi Ataya won both finals of the night. In the two races, he finished in front of Vivien Chevallier (2) and Renaud Auger-Labonté (3). Hamzi Ataya is only the second canadian driver to reach 7000 points in the Sodi World Series championship. Vivien Chevallier is also on a good way with a fourth 2nd place at his last 4 finals.


Interesting facts :

Hamzi Ataya has established the reference time of the night (1 :08.147)

Ghislain Pépin finished 9th in the second final after a bad start in qualification with the 18th time.

Renaud Auger-Labonté finished 3rd in both finals after he did the 7th time in qualification. 


The next round of the Sodi World Series is on Tuesday September 9th, 2014.


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