Sodi World Series: Hamzi Ataya is the 2014 Champion!

17 September 2014

The last round of our 2014 Sodi World Series Championship (SWS) tool place last night and the battle was going to be very tight between the two leaders in the standings, Adrien Pariona and Hamzi Ataya. First step was the qualifying session and this set up the table for the night. Pariona took the pole with only 51 hundreds of a second over Ataya. With a victory in the first final, Pariona would secure the championship. However, Ataya won the first race over Ghislain Pépin and Vivien Chevallier while Pariona finished 4th. Then, the suspense continued until the end of the last race of the season to see which driver will be crowned. Another battle was on in the last race while Ghislain Pépin was trying to catch up Renaud Auger-Labonté in the third place of the standings. To reach this third place, Pépin had to finish the last race on the podium.

In the last race, Ataya took a very good start and Pariona quickly took the second place just behind him. But the other competitors where not ready to let the leaders go easily. Ataya was under pressure all race and resisted to many passing attempts and crossed the finish line first to win the race and the championship. Adrien Pariona finished 2nd and Vivien Chevallier was third. By finishing 4th, Ghislain Pépin just missed the 3rd place of the championship which belong to Renaud Auger-Labonté.

Hamzi Ataya is our 2014 SWS – SRA Karting champion and won in invitation to race next spring in Europe at the SWS World Finals, including air fare and accommodation for the event. In addition, he will receive a racing suit and a racing school class. Adrien Pariona earned a racing school class with additional lapping and Renaud Auger-Labonté earned 10 free rental sessions at SRA Karting.

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