Rotax MAX Challenge – 2017 preview

23 November 2016


The Rotax MAX Challenge program is based on stability. As usual, 2017 will bring some changes but it’s not a revolution.

1. Ages

AS CIK-FIA changed the ages for the junior and senior KF classes, Rotax will align the ages accordingly. This is the new age chart:

chart-agesNote: driver must turn the minimum age during the current calendar year.

2. Mini-MAX Chassis

For the first time, the cadet chassis (max 950 mm wheel base) will be used in Canada. The decision is based on the fact that there is a certain concensus in North America for this chassis to be used for this age category. Having the possibility for a tall driver to move up at an earlier age in the Junior MAX class in 2017 helped to make that decision.

3. Tires

For 2017 Canada is one of the 2 countries selected to test a different brand of slick tires in some classes. Also, the D1 tire is new discontinued by Mojo.


4. Junior Cylinder

Officially the junior cylinder hasn’t changed but the manufacturing process has been changed. This cylinder was used with great success at the last Grand Finals in Italy. This new casting procedure ensures much smaller tolerance variations from one cylinder to another directly from the production line. The cylinder has the same part number 223994 as the 2016 cylinder. The new manufacturing process is a big step forward. There is no need to change your cylinder if you like the one you have but Rotax will release a special price campaign to trade your cylinder if you want. Further details will be published soon.

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