Rotax Grand Finals: Wednesday

20 October 2016


Kellen Ritter & Kevin Glover

Today was officially the beginning of the event with the qualifying sessions and the first heat race for all.

Micro MAX and Mini MAX


#68 Thomas Nepveu


Anthony Sardellitti (Micro) was the first to qualify. It was disappointing for him with a 24th place. The good news is he did well in his first heat and finish 19th, a gain of 5 spots. In Mini, same thing for Thomas Nepveu who was expecting a better place than 21st. But in the heat race, he was on fire, with the 2nd fastest lap of the race and finished 12th, and could have finished 8th but a little mistake during the race make him lose 4 places. This is very encouraging.





Junior MAX

In the first qualifying group, Andres De Alba did very good with the 4th place and was good for 18th place overall. Matthew Taskinen did 64th. The second group was very exciting for Team Canada as Samuel Lupien was fighting for the pole lap after lap but Ryan MacDermid hit a homerun on his last lap taking the pole position.


#132 Ryan MacDermid & 130 Samuel Lupien

Lupien ended up 6th overall. All Canadian drivers were in the first heat race. Ryan MacDermid was on pole and battle all race to win this heat. Samuel Lupien was starting on 2nd row. He lost few spots in the first lap but was able to come back up until the 2nd place. Matthew Taskinen finish 34th while Andres De Alba had to retire after being involved in a spectacular crash and was scored 35th.

Senior MAX

Marco Di Leo was our best qualifier in Senior with a 12th place. It was a bit difficult for the others. Gianfranco Mazzaferro was 31st, Coltin McCaughan – 32nd, Zachary Claman-DeMelo – 37th and Kellen Ritter – 52nd. In the first senior heat race (A vs B), Claman-DeMelo crashed on the 1st lap and retired. In the 2nd group (C vs D), Marco DiLeo finished 8th, Gianfranco Mazzaferro 18th, Kellen Ritter 26th and Coltin McCaughan couldn’t complete a lap.

#443 Scott Campbell

#443 Scott Campbell


DD2 Masters

Scott Campbell was the quickest driver in the first qualifying group and this was good for the 5th place overall, with is good because he will start all heat race behind the pole sitter. In the first heat, he seemed to miss a bit of speed and finish in 7th.








This was a strange qualifying for the Canadian drivers. Marco Signoretti had problems to put the kart in pace during practice but he got his best result up to now with a fantastic 7th place overall. Jeffrey Kingsley, who was amongst the fastest in practice, had a mechanical issue after 2 laps in qualifying and couldn’t do better than 58th. Alessandro Bizzotto was 35th and Tyler Kashak 52nd.

In the first heat (A vs B) Jeffrey Kingsley had a tough first lap, ending it on 34th place. He was able to catch up the pack and finish with a respectable 21st position. In the C vs D heat race, Marco Signoretti did good and finished 7th. Tyler Kashak finished 22nd while Alessandro Bizzotto had no other choice than enter the pit lane at the end of the first lap.

Tomorrow drivers will participate at the morning warm-up and their 2nd heat race. After lunch, they will have their third and last heat race.

Today’s video is with our Junior drivers Ryan MacDermid and Samuel Lupien. Sorry for the background noise, we are producing these videos with very minimal equipment.


Team Canada received the financial support of M sur la Montagne, Canadian Mortgage Strategies & Investments, Red Kap, CIBC Wood Gundy, BMO Capital Markets, ASN Canada FIA and SRA Karting.

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