Rotax Grand Finals – Day 3 – Wednesday

11 November 2015

Day 2 was a practice day and ended with a social activity for Team Canada to let drivers, mechanics and relatives meet together. This is why we just post information on our Facebook page yesterday.

Today drivers got their last 2 practices in the morning and the qualifying session in the afternoon. Samuel Lupien, Marco Di Leo and Alessandro Bizzotto were running in the top of their group during the practices which created big expectations for the qualifying but for all of them, the qualifying session was very difficult for some reasons.

In the Junior MAX class, Joe Soranno clocked the fast time for Team Canada, taking the 30th place. This result is good if we consider practices were up and down for him. For Samuel Lupien, he couldn’t do better than 60th, mainly due to the strategy adopted in qualifying.

In the Senior MAX class, we can cut & paste the junior scenario because again the driver facing the most difficulties in practice was the fastest in qualifying. Cédrick Lupien got the 35th fastest time and Marco Di Leo couldn’t stay on top and qualified 53rd.

Good qualifying compared to the practice sessions for our DD2 Masters drivers. Scott Campbell is 13th, Stuart Clark is 25th and Luc Sauriol is 36th. The good thing for Campbell and Clark is they will be in the group A for the heat races, the group which always start on the inside line.

In DD2, good qualifying for Jeffrey Kingsley, who took the 13th place and Tyler Kashak with the 15th position. Fred Woodley qualified 34th and Alessandro Bizzotto, which had a mechanical problem, qualified 70th.

Tomorrow drivers will race in their 2 first heat races. For Junior, the heat will be a 7 lap race and for the other, it will be a 9 lap race.

Here  a short video to give you an idea of the atmosphere here in Portugal.

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