Rotax Grand Finals – Day 5 : The guillotine!

13 November 2015

Half of the participants at this 16th edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals would be eliminated at the end of the day. Drivers had to race in the last Heat race and, for some, in the Second Chance Race to access the final phase of the event tomorrow.

Qualifyings Heat # 3

In Junior MAX, Joe Soranno went off track and crashed in the tire barrier, which put an end to his race. If he only had been able to keep its starting position, it would have linked directly to the final phase. Samuel Lupien had only little hope to access the final phase directly but a good 3rd heat could gave him a good starting position for the Repêchage. He started the last heat 26th and finished 18th.

Cédrik Lupien and Marco Di Leo didn’t do well in this last Heat. Cédrik finished 23rd and Marco, involved in an accident at the start, finished 32nd.

For our DD2 Masters drivers, Scott Campbell and Luc Sauriol were in good position to qualify directly for the final round but they had to avoid problems in this last Heat. With the 7th place, Campbell will start the pre-final 9th. Sauriol didn’t have a good result (24th) and had to wait for the official standings before being assured to go directly to the pre-final. He will start the pre-final on P. 26. Stuart Clark needs a good Heat to have a good starting position in the Second Chance race and he did with a 12th place.

In DD2, Jeffrey Kingsley, 7th, and Tyler Kashak, 9th, assured their place in the final round. Kingsley will start the pre-final 11th and Kashak will be just beside him. Fred Woodley, 16th, and Alessandro Bizzotto, 20th, had to race in the Second Chance race to continue their trip at the Grand Finals.

Second Chance race

Only the top 6 finishers of this race will be invited to race in the final phase. For the Junior race, Lupien started 17th and Soranno 26th. Very good start for Lupien who ended the first lap in 11th place. He did continue to improve up to p. 7 but couldn’t get the additional spot which would have move him to the pre-final. With 2 laps to go, he was pushed out by an American driver and without this, he would probably been able to get this precious position. Soranno had an excellent race too, moving from p. 26 and finished 13.

In the senior class, Cédrik Lupien started 15th and gave us a good show, coming up to the 7th place during in a very hot race. Many contacts during the race happened and positions changed a lot. He finally crossed the finish line 9th. Marco Di Leo was as good as usual under pressure. He started 29th and finished 13th. Unfortunately for him, the race was just too short.

In DD2 Masters, Stuart Clark was the only one in the Repêchage. He started 8th and was able to climb up to position 6th to take the last access to the pre-final. He will start 34th in the pre-final tomorrow.

In the DD2 class, Fred Woodley started on p. 5, just behind the former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello and Alessandro Bizzotto started 24th. Woodley kept us on our toes. He had a good start and a mix of speed and crashed in front of him brought him in 4th place after 3 laps! But the drivers behind weren’t ready to let him go and Woodley finally finished 6th to win the last spot available in the pre-final. Bizzotto had a good start too but his race ended during the 7th lap. This event was very frustrating for him, being our fastest DD2 driver during the practices.

For the final phase tomorrow, we will have no driver in Junior and Senior MAX, while our three drivers will be there in DD2 Masters and also three in the DD2 class.

The pre-final will take place tomorrow morning and the finals will be presented in the afternoon.

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Our video today features Fred Woodley and Samuel Lupien.

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