Sodi World Series

The Sodi World Series is championship is open to any driver (see “conditions” below) and has several rounds on the race calendar. For senior (15+ y.o.), a minimum driver’s weight of 180 pounds is required. If the driver weight is less than 180 pounds, lead will be added to the kart. Each round will offer three final races and the top ten results will count for the championship standings. Competitors will have the choice to race in one, two or three finals each round. With more final races, this will give you more chance to maximise your ranking and will give more latitude to participants who cannot participate in every round.

The 2018 season will soon start and this year, we have decided to present both SRA Karting and ICAR Karting SWS calendars together.

As you can see, more rounds will be held at ICAR Karting than SRA Karting. For 2018, we want to offer a better experience to the SWS drivers with professional support. For this, we need to have kart drivers, instructors and employees with experience on site. Our set-up at ICAR Karting in Mirabel offers all these requirements. Therefore, twelve Sprint Cup rounds plus one Enduro will take place at ICAR Karting in Mirabel and three Sprint Cup rounds plus one Enduro will take place at SRA Karting in St-Roch-de-L’Achigan.

Here is the race schedule for both tracks: (hours to be confirmed)


1 qualification + 1 race = 55$ +tx
1 qualification + 2 races = 75$ +tx
1 qualification + 3 races = 90$ +tx


  1. The participant must be 15 years old or more at his first race;
  2. The minimum weight of the driver must be 180 pounds. If the driver’s weight is less than 180 pounds, lead will be added to the kart to cover the difference. The Junior minimum weight will be determinate at the first event;
  3. The participant must not hold of have held a racing licence issued from a karting federation (ex. ASN Canada, Karting Québec) or an Automobile federation (ex. FSAQ).
  4. Before his first race in the championship, the participant must create his “SWS Profile” on the Sodi World Series website ( This registration is free and is needed for the management of the championship;
  5. The championship point system is the one established by SWS. The point system takes into consideration the participant’s position at the finish and the number of participants;
  6. Top 10 results of each participant count for the final championship standings;
  7. There is no registration fee to participate at the SWS championship. The participant just has to pay the racing fees for each round he is racing in and he must sign the waiver form;