Race track

Located only 20 minutes from the Pie-IX bridge, SRA Karting racetrack is unique in the Greater Montréal area. With a length of 1,2 km, the track offers a real challenge to any driver, whether you are a rooky or an expert.


  • Length: 1,234 km
  • Width: 8 to 10 meters
  • Complete lighting system for night rental
  • Terrace overlooking the track
  • Electronic timing
  • Electronic display board
  • Host of the 2001 World Championship and 1999 North American Championship
  • Host of the 2005 Canadian Championships and many Québec Championships

Benjamini Van De Wakker

Fastest lap (track record) 0:46.255

Set on June 17th 2001, during the 2nd race of the World Championship, by Benjamini Van De Wakker, from the Netherlands. Benjamini was driving a Formula Super A kart (100 cc).

The fastest lap with our rental karts was etablished by Hamzi Ataya on June 22th, 2014. (1:07.545)

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