Imagine yourself discovering a world-class racetrack …
Imagine yourself driving to the limit in your quest for the perfect run during qualification …
Imagine yourself on the starting grid, waiting for the green flag …

Our “Grand-Prix” group activities : Live all the excitement of a Formula 1 race!

Come and live all the emotions of a real Grand-Prix at SRA Karting International. Between friends, colleagues or for a fund-raising, SRA karting International offers different packages that will suit your needs. We have safe and powerful karts, a devoted and qualified team with many years of expertise. This is what we offer you so that your mini Grand Prix is a guaranteed success.

2018 “Grand Prix” Rates (price per person, taxes non included)

  • A 30 minute Mini Grand-Prix: 55.00$
  • A 45 minute Mini Grand-Prix: 75.00$
  • A 60 minute Mini Grand-Prix: 90.00$

(Corporate events” packages are also offered. See the CORPORATE EVENTS section)

How does the event take place? (See also our FAQ page)

First, you must form a group of at least 10 people (Monday to Friday) and at least 15 people (Saturday and Sunday), no maximum (but the max number of drivers allowed at the same time on the track is 25). Then, you must call to reserve. The earlier you contact us, the better your chances of getting the date and time you want. To confirm your reservation, a 10% deposit (minimum of 100$) will be required. Deposits are accepted over the phone using a credit card or in person. If rained out, the activity will be postponed, or if it’s not possible, the deposit will be reimbursed. Participants in a group must adhere to the same conditions as in a single rental. See also the FAQ section for more info.

All mini Grand Prix are done in 15 minutes sessions. For example, a 30 minute Grand Prix will be composed of 2 X 15 minute sessions. Please note that the track is exclusively reserved to your group during the sessions (only your group is on the tract at that time) so make sure that all participants are on time!

Warm-up, qualification, race

The 1st 15 minutes will be dedicated to warm-up (5 min) and qualification (10 min). All other sessions are 15 minute races. The starting grid is determined by the qualification or last race. Please note that your activity will take approximately twice as much time as the chosen format.

Your activity will take twice the time of the selected Mini Grand Prix. For example, if you are 20 people and choose the 30 minute Mini Grand-Prix, you activity will take 1 hour. If you are 40 people and take the 45 minute Mini Grand Prix, your activity will take 3 hours (45 minutes X 2 X 2 groups).

Book your Mini Grand-Prix now! Call 450-588-5622 # 30 or 514-312-1711 #221