Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a drivers licence to drive a kart?

It is relatively easy to drive a kart but there are a few conditions to fulfill to be allowed to drive a kart. We have only one type of kart and for this reason, children must be at least 12 years old AND measure at least 55 inches (1,40m) in height. Children who are close to or look like 12 y.o. will be asked to show a proof of age. No exception will be allowed.

Is it difficult or even dangerous?

Karting is a fun, thrilling but a safe activity when you follow the rules. (see track rules). It does not require any special training or abilities. Each kart has a full perimeter protection band and each kart is remote controlled and can  be slowed down or stopped at any time. Even if our karts are fast, we have had no major accident since the beginning of our operations.
However: Even though we do everything in our power to make the activity as safe as possible using karts equipped with a protective outer belt, a track which meets the standards set by the karting federations and with rules and regulations which are put in place so as to reduce all risks to a minimum, karting still remains a sporting activity and as such involves risks  that the participant fully understands and accepts, expressly relieving SRA Karting International inc, its employees and agents from any and all responsibility in the case of injury.

For rental, what are your business hours? When does the karting season begin? When does the karting season end?

Springs: When weather permits, we open our rental activities at the end of April / beginning of May from Thursday to Sunday. Summer: we are open 7 days a week. Fall: we are open Thursday to Sunday.  See the exact business hours here. During the season, we have special activities (race day, corporate or fund raising activities). See the special activities calendar.In case of bad weather (rain or cold weather), we may close earlier or for the day.

How do I get to SRA Karting International?

Click on this link and enter your postal code on the right box to get the directions.
If you are coming from South (ex. Montréal), Exit 38 on Highway 25 North. Follow the blue tourist signs.
If you are coming from North (ex. Joliette), Exit 41 on Highway 25 South. Follow the blue tourist signs.

How do I make a reservation for a mini Grand-Prix?

Call us at (450) 588-5622 ext. 30 to make your reservation. (see track rules and general conditions)  Please take note that all reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We require a 10% deposit (100$ minimum) or credit card details to secure your reservation.  Credit cards will not be charged unless instructed to do so, or in case of no-show.

Is there a minimum number of participants for a Mini Grand-Prix?

Yes. Because we will not add anyone to your group, in order to hold a mini Grand-Prix , you must be at least:

  • 10 people Monday to Friday
  • 15 people on Saturday and Sunday.

I wish to organize a mini Grand-Prix but I don’t have a reservation : what do I do?

You must absolutely make a reservation first. Call 450-588-5622, ext 30. Meanwhile, it’s possible to come with your friends for individual rental.

We have a reservation for a 30 minute mini Grand Prix. Can we :

a) have only one 30 minute race? or
b) have three 10 minute races? etc…

No.  For planning and security reasons, all mini Grand-Prix are held in 15 minute sessions.

Does SRA Karting provide helmets? Is it possible for me to use my own helmet?

For you own safety, full face helmets equipped with a shield are provided to every participant. If you wish to use your own helmet, it must be a full face and must be equipped with a shield. Incomplete or non-conforming helmets will not be allowed on the track at any time.

How should I dress to go karting?

You must wear closed shoes(no sandals allowed) and dress as for any outdoor activity. For more safety, wear clothes that cover your body as much as possible.If you visit us in early spring/late fall it is preferable to wear warm clothing, especially in the evening.   A pair of gloves can also ensure optimum comfort. Don’t forget to include the wind factor while driving the kart (like driving a motorcycle). If in doubt, a quick look at the weather forecast will tell you a lot on what to wear.

We have a reservation but the weather doesn’t look good; What happens?

In general: Although it does not happen frequently, we must sometimes temporarily cease our karting activities due to rain. Our karts being equipped with slick tires, we suspend operations as soon as we judge that the safety of the drivers is compromised. This exceptional measure applies for the duration of the rain shower or according to the importance of water accumulation on the track. Karting activities will resume as soon as conditions improve.Light rain: In case of light rain, normally activities are kept and all reservations are honored so don’t forget your raincoat!. If in doubt, contact us to know more about the local weather.Shower and thunderstorm: All activities are suspended until the rain stops and the track dries out. SRA Karting officials will resume karting activities as soon as the track conditions improve.This exceptional measure applies as soon as the safety of the drivers and/or the karts are concerned.If in doubt, contact us to know more about the local weather.

Can we rent high performance karts at SRA Karting?

It is possible to rent a 2-cycle kart (Rotax Max 125 cc) through the driving school. If you don’t have experience on a racing kart, you will have to follow a course to be able to safely drive these powerful karts.  For further information, please visit www.maxkarting.com or call at 514-949-2808.  A reservation is needed to rent a racing kart.

Do you have a video clip showing what I can expect once on the track ?

You can run a virtual lap on our track and experience the feeling of driving a racing kart on our track. The virtual lap is a lap simulation with a racing kart on SRA Karting’s racetrack. You may also run a lap in one of our new Sodi RT 8 kart.