Corporate events

Want to impress, innovate, try something different ?
Why not create your own Formula 1 event at SRA Karting ?

Come and live all the emotions of a real Grand-Prix at SRA Karting International. It could be for the company annual day, as a networking activity, as a contest, to carry out a launching activity …

SRA Karting offers a wide range of packages that will suit your needs. Take a look in the PICTURES section.

The warm-up, qualification, race; you’ve got it all!

Karting brings your guests together in a healthy competitive environment. Your guests will be delighted by this original formula allowing a prolonged exchange between all the participants. Smiles and laughter guaranteed! No requirement except your smile!

A real racing environment

SRA Karting International’s track meets FIA/CIK international standards. We have safe and powerful karts, a devoted and qualified team with many years of expertise. That is what we offer you so that your event is a guaranteed success.

A new kind of corporate event that’s already race proven!

Let your group spend time together, chatting and even doing business. Year after year, many innovating companies have held memorable Grand-Prix events at SRA Karting.

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