Rotax EVO Engines

SRA Karting is the Canadian distributor of the world famous Rotax-BRP engines. Rotax enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation in karting’s highest level of competition as well as for the amateur looking for wild sensations. Their kart engines are part of the more popular ones. Rotax engines are produced in Austria following a rigorous process that assures an excellent quality to every product. More particularly, during recent years, Rotax has revolutionized karting by conceiving a high performance 2-stroke engine that also combines reliability. The FR125 Max is, at this time, the top selling karting engine world-wide and its success keeps on growing.

In 2000 the ROTAX Kart Centre set in place a worldwide series of kart races called “ROTAX MAX Challenge”. For 2018, the  RMC will be presented as a national competition in over 60 countries and will end with the Grands Finals in Brazil, November 24 – December 1st. The engine used will be the FR 125 MAX with strictly no modifications allowed. For more information concerning the Rotax Max Challenge, please visit :


Since 1998, the Rotax MAX engines family is a huge success worldwide and become the most popular karting engines. Power, Reliability, Continuous improvement is the key of this success.

In 2015 Rotax introduce the biggest improvement in their Rotax MAX engines family with the introduction of the new Rotax 125 MAX Evo series.


  • The advanced engine technology of the Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series provides the ultimate ease of use.
  • The Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series provides a further improved durability vs. existing models.
  • The Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series delivers optimized performance characteristics.

 MoteurMicromax8hp  MoteurMinimax15hp  MoteurJuniorMax23hp
 Moteurmax30hp  MoteurDD234hp

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