On track practice for kart owners

For kart owners, it is possible to use SRA Karting’s track for practice. From April to October, the track is reserved for practice, from 9 am to 1 pm EXCEPT SATURDAY – CLOSED. A few exceptions apply during the season, notably during racing day or during corporate events.

On weekdays, it is also possible to practice during the afternoon if the track is available (except July and August). On Sundays, no practice is possible after 1 pm. You may purchase a season pass and practice on a regular basis or purchase a day pass.

Information, contact Max Karting.

Telephone : 514-949-2808
Site web :


  • You must pay the fees and sign the waiver before going on the track
  • Your kart must be in good condition and safe.
  • You must wear protective clothing (racing suit, gloves, full face helmet). We strongly suggest to wear a rib protector.
  • You must follow the usual rules and any instructions which may be given by SRA Karting representatives