Everything needed to practice karting is available at SRA Karting. Whether you need a racing suit, safety accessories: helmet, gloves, shoes, rib protector, or electronic accessories, we can help you. You will find in this section a summary of our products.


XPS kart products have been specifically developed to satisfy the highest requirements for kart engines and give full satisfaction to the customers.

From engine oil to carburettor cleaner, brake cleaner and maintenance products, the complete line of XPS products is your one stop for all your lubricant and cleaner needs.

Download the XPS products brochure.

Alfano data acquisition systems give you complete and relevant information to help you to improve your performance. SRA Kartings racetrack has three Alfano magnetic strips, giving you the possibility to analyse your laps in three different sectors of the track. You can download the Lynx software which will help you to transfer the data to your computer for better analysis.

To see the complete line of Alfano products and software updates, visit the Alfano website:

Initially developed by the Australian company Computurn, specialized in production of high precision equipment, the SNIPER alignement tools are the easiest to use and give you the possibility to adjust toe in/ toe out as well as the camber.

The Sniper works by projecting a laser beam from one side of the kart to the other, at a visual grid system engraved onto the surface of the opposing unit. Both camber and toe readings can then be seen simultaneously either with the kart on the trolley, or on the ground with wheels on and the kart fully loaded. The Sniperâ„¢ is not only the easiest system on the market to use, but will measure both static and DYNAMIC settings.

Sniper offers several additional precision tools for chain and sprocket alignement or to measure the squareness of the chassis.