Pan American Challenge: Your last chance for the Grand Final!

7 September 2012

This is a reminder to all that online registration will be closing on September 10th, 2012.  We use pre-registered drivers to base our tire order for the event. It really does help us organize the event better, if we know a more exact number of drivers that will attend. Registration will still be available after September 10th but there will be an additional $100 fee added to the registration fee.

This event is just around the corner.  The drivers at this race have just one last chance to become a member of your  countries representation during the Grand Finals in Portugal. The level of competition is high and the willingness to win is even higher.  This race will have some of the best drivers from around the world in attendance and if you are still on the fence about attending, this might be a great chance to put yourself against some of the best.

The weekly tentative event schedule is posted on-line on the Go Rotax Website.  Also, we have posted the daily schedules for the event starting on Thursday.  You can download these all from the website.  Please note that the official schedules will be handed out and will be in your registration packets during on-track registration.  Here is the direct link to the schedule page:

Event Rules and Regulations
The Event’s regulations can be found on-line on the Go Rotax Website.You can find all the rules and regulations under the racing series drop down section of our website.  The Event supplemental regulations are posted under the Pan-American drop down box and here is the direct link to the page:

Part Orders for the event
The Maxspeed Group trailer will be on-site to assist dealers with inventory. If you wish to make an order for the event please place an order today and we will deliver your order at the track. Remember, today only can you take advantage of this, with free shipping and handling.

Safe Travels and I will hopefully see you there!

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