New ultra light Rotax battery in stock!

2 March 2012

BRP-Powertrain presented recently a new optional Lithium-iron battery. You can recognized quickly this new battery with this orange top. This battery offers many advantages compared to the standard battery:

LESS WEIGHT: almost 2 kg (4,4 lbs) lighter than a standard acid battery. The total weight of this optional battery is 0,65 kg (1,43 lbs).

EASIER STARTING: Battery delivers enormous starting power

FAST CHARGING: Battery can be charged with the standard lead battery chargers and can be charged in 2 hours using the standard ROTAX battery charger (of faster with chargers with higher charging current).

MOUNTING: Battery fits in the ROTAX MAX battery box and has similar connection points. No additional parts needed to fit the battery.

STORAGE: Battery has a much more self discharging rate compared to lead acid batteries and this is less critical when stored for longer periods.

SAFETY: Battery type (lithium iron phosphate) is widely used in all types of motorsports (motorcycle, rally, touring cars …) FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) has already approved Super B batteries.

Suggested retail price: $389.46

We now have theses optional batteries in stock.

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