Nepveu on podium; Team Canada champion!

22 October 2016

img_7699The 17th edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals is now over. 360 drivers from 59 countries competed in the Olympics of karting. The drivers’ group picture and parade on the final day is always very impressive.

Team Canada did very well overall leading the Nations Cup before the last day. Few bad lucks in the DD2 and DD2 Masters races scared us a bit but Team Canada is the 2016 Rotax MAX Challenge Nations Cup winner! This is the 2nd time Team Canada win it in the history after Al Ain, UAE, in 2007.

Micro & Mini MAX

img_7909Starting with our best result of the day, Thomas Nepveu started the Mini MAX final race on pole and fought all race within the top 5. With one lap to go, he was fourth but this exciting race was not over yet. In the last lap, he was able to take 2 spots and crossed the finish line 2nd to secure a podium finish. The Mini MAX champion is Jayden Els from South Africa. In Micro-MAX, Anthony Sardellitti ended exactly where he started and finish 16th. For sure, Anthony gained a lot of experience this week which will be a good for the future. The Micro MAX champion is Diego Laroque from USA.

Junior MAX

The Junior MAX race was something to see, as usual. Andres De Alba and Samuel Lupien had a good start, being quickly 10th and 11th but 17 laps on a 1.5 km track is a long way to go. Samuel went off track when he avoided a crash in front of him. Because of this, he lost 5-6 positions but at the end of the race, the Stewards excluded him because they judged Samuel could have come back on track closer to where he went out. Andres kept on and finished 6th, scoring precious points for Team Canada. The champion in the Junior MAX class is Mark Kimber from UK.

Senior MAX

It was a tough race for our Canadians, at a point Zachary Claman-DeMelo was 30th but he never gave up to finish 11th. Same for Marco who lost several positions at the beginning of the race but finish in p16. The MAX Senior champion is Denis Mavlanov from Russia. That was the first podium for this country at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

DD2 Masters

We had good expectancy for Scott Campbell, 3rd on the starting grid of the DD2 Masters race. He was running in 4th position on lap 6 when US driver Luis Schiavo tried to pass Campbell and because of a contact, both karts got stuck together. Campbell ended lap six in 32nd position but couldn’t finish when he was hit in the very last corner of the race. He officially finished 31st. The DD2 Masters Champion is Lee Mitchener from Australia.


Our best chance in DD2 was from Marco Signoretti starting 13th. He was running very good in 7th place when he was kicked out of the race in the same corner as Campbell in the race before. With the good results of the Fiimg_7983nnish drivers, the lead of Team Canada melted quickly. Luckily, the 17th place finish of Jeffrey Kingsley was good enough to secure Team Canada Nations Cup. The DD2 champion is Ferenc Kancsar from Hungary.

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