3 March 2017


Rotax_Mini_Junior_engine3As announced recently, a new Mini-MAX class will run for the National events. The class will cover the age of 8 to 13 and will run on a cadet chassis.

In collaboration with ROTAX, SRA Karting and participating Rotax dealers have developed an incentive program for Mini-MAX racers to help promote this new Mini-MAX class.

According to Michel Boisclair, president of SRA Karting International, “this promotion is made for the competitors with the goal to make this new Mini-MAX class a success. This promotion is a fantastic opportunity for these competitors to compete in the Mini-MAX class and save a lot of money as the special price is approximately covering the entry fees for all National events for these drivers”.

Because the number of engines offered in this program is limited and to ensure they will be available and used by racers competing in the new Mini-MAX class at National Events, the engines will be sold at regular price to the customers and after their third participation in different National events, they will receive a refund which will bring their purchase price to $1999.99.

The National Events are: each round (4) of the ECKC and the ASN Canada FIA Nationals.

How this will work?

  1. Customer must agree to the program and conditions.
  2. The dealer will sell the engine to the customer at his normal price (Suggested retail price: $3699.99 + taxes).
  3. After the sale, the dealer will send to the National Distributor the « Mini MAX promo sheet » filled.
  4. The National Rotax Distributor will monitor the participation of the driver at the national events (ECKC and Nationals).
  5. After the third participation of the driver in a National Event, his Rotax dealer will receive a credit and the customer will be noticed.
  6. The Rotax Dealer will reimburse to the customer the difference between the original price paid for the engine and 1999.99$. This price only covers the price of the engine and its usual accessories and does not cover any additional product or service (ex. Installation) bought at the same time.

For more information about the program, please contact your participating local Rotax dealer.

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