Club race # 2: Trudel and Costa win!

20 August 2012

Our second club race took place last weekend in a very relaxed atmosphere.  Two classes were in the program: the Rotax Max class and the F-125 shifter class.

Fifteen drivers took part in the Rotax Max class, with a lot of veterans making a comeback on SRA karting’s racetrack.  During the final, Freddy Dubuisson was again amongst the leaders, but this time he had to concede first place to Luis Costa who finally was able to beat Dubuisson.  Unfortunately for them, all eyes were on the mid-pack drivers who were giving us quite a show with numerous overtaking and position changes.

As for the F-125 shifter drivers, there were only three of them.  But we got to see a nice battle between Michael Trudel and Hugo Duguay. Unfortunately by mid-race Dugay who was getting tired just couldn’t keep up with Trudel.  Mathieu Levasseur completed the podium.

Our next club race will be held next September 15th.  We would like to have more F-125 shifter drivers taking part in the race and even have drivers from the Briggs& Stratton senior class.  If you are interested by the B&S class, please let us know in advance.  Please also note that if you do not own a Briggs & Stratton kart that our Racing School has a fleet of these karts which can be leased for the race.  You can reach the Max Karting Racing School at 514-949-2808.

Complete results of Club race # 2

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