Club race # 1 this Saturday

2 July 2013

The first 2013 CKSRA club race will take place this Saturday. This is the best way to get into real kart racing.  Always the same format with the event presented on Saturday morning and with the podium ceremony before 1 pm. A total of 4 club races will be presented this season at the following dates :

  • Race # 1 – July 6th
  • Race # 2 – August 17th
  • Race # 3 – September 7th
  • Race # 4 – October 5th

The following classes are on the program :

  • Micro-MAX (7 to 11 y.o.)
  • Mini-MAX (10 to 14 y.o.)
  • Rotax MAX (15+  y.o.)
  • Shifter karts – DD2, ICC, F125 (15+ y.o.)
  • Briggs & Stratton Senior (15+ y.o.)

Note that Briggs & Stratton never had entries up to know and we would like to see this class racing at our club level. This class is actually the most popular in Québec. Call your friends driving a Briggs & Stratton kart and come race. Note also that the Max Karting Driving School have Briggs & Stratton karts to rent ( or 514-949-2808).


Typical schedule of a club race :

6:45 – Site opening

7:00 to 7:45 – Registration, pre-technical inspection

8 :00 – Drivers’ meeting – MANDATORY

8:20 – Warm-up

9:15 – Qualifying

10:15 – Prefinals

11:15 – Finals

12:30 – Podium ceremony

Conditions and fees

To participate at club races, you must be member of a kart club affiliated to Karting Québec or ASN Canada and hold a « club » racing licence issued by Karting Québec. Fees for CKSRA membership is $45.00 and the racing licence is $30.00. These fees are for the 2013 season. You can fill all necessary forms Saturday morning but arrive early to have time to complete the forms. To register to a club race, the fee is $50.00 per event. If you don’t have your own transponder, you can rent one for $15.00 for the event.  Note that all payments must be done in cash or cheques.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you Saturday morning!

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