2018 Rotax Grand Finals: Day 6 report

1 December 2018

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Conde, Brazil, December 1st, 2018 – Yesterday was an important day with the prefinals and also where the event will end for half of the drivers in the Junior, Senior, DD2 and DD2 Masters class.

125 Micro MAX

Pre-Final – With 36 entries in the Micro MAX class every driver was assured to make it through to Sundays Final. Harry Hannam passed the pole sitter Douwe Dedecker on the last lap to win this race. Maksymilian Obst finished 3rd and Brent Crews for the USA was 4th. We do not have Canadian representative in this class.

125 Mini MAX

Pre-Final – The Mini MAX field is also made up of 36 drivers so whilst they didn’t have to worry about not making it through the importance of the starting position for tomorrow finals showed. Evan Giltaire from France won over Dani Van Ruiten (NLD). The greatest race was probably from Canadian Kieran Hartley which started from P.18 to finish 7th! He will have a very good starting position for the final race.  

125 Junior MAX

2018 Team Canada LeungPre-Final A – Australian Jaiden Pope continued to show his performance all week and indeed last year at the Grand Finals was not a one-off by storming away from the field in Pre-Final A. Noel Leon (MEX) and William Seal (AUS) finished 2nd and 3rd. Canadian Townes Allen finished 14th to confirm his place in the final race. He will start 28th.

Pre-Final B – Team Netherlands achieved a Team 1 – 2 in the Junior Pre-Final B with another lights to flag victory by Robert De Hann who won over Mike Van Vugt. Lewis Gilbert was promoted to 3rd for Team UK when Esteban Masson received an 8 second penalty. Thomas Nepveu (CAN) wasn’t as fast as usual and after started from 2nd place he finished 7th. This will still give him a good starting position for the final race in P. 6. Jason Leung (CAN) needed a good pre-final race to secure his place in the final race, what he did. He went from P. 17 to P. 12 and will start the final race 32nd.

125 MAX

Pre-Final A – We couldn’t be blamed if he thought he may get another relatively easy win in his Pre-Final and he did indeed lead every lap before Senna Van Waistijn from the Netherlands won the first pre-final with in passing move in the last corner move over Hannes Morrin (SWE). Benjamin Jurczak (AUS) was 3rd. Coltin McCaughan had near zero chance to qualify for the final race but he ended his event with his best race, gaining 9 spots from the start.

Pre-Final B – Petr Bezel (CZE) easily won this race over Mario Novak (AUT) and Finnish driver Lauri Leppae. Bryce Choquer (CAN) needed a terrific race and a big of bad luck to some other drivers to qualify for the final race. He gained 3 positions from the start and finished 20th but would have needed to finish 12th to qualifying for the final race. This mean that we will not have any Canadian in the Senior final.

125 MAX DD2 Masters

Pre-Final A – Cristiano Morgado (RSA) was flying on the track to win with a comfortable 4 second gap in front of this fellow Michael Stephen. Local driver Lucas Zacante Souza finished 4th but advance to 3rd after the race due to a penalty to another driver.  Canadian Etienne La Salle just needed to finish the race around his starting position to secure his place in the final race but a crash in the first lap ended his race and then, he was excluded from the final race.

Pre-Final B – Fraser Hart and Matthew Hamilton, both from New Zealand finished finished 1st and 2nd while veteran Belgium Christophe Adams finished 3rd.

125 MAX DD2

Pre-Final A – Pole man Xen De Ruwe from Slovenia had a dream start to Pre-Final A and won with over a 5 second gap over the Frenchman Paolo Besancenz and Ryan Wood (AUT). Davide Greco, 11th, secured his place in the final race where he will start 22nd.

Pre-Final B – Daniel Formal (CRI) made sure that the DD2 Final tomorrow will certainly be one to watch when he equalled his closest rival, Xen De Ruwe’s performance in his Pre-Final by leading every lap and taking the win. Although, it wasn’t with the same dominance with the lead he had at the end of the race it can be said that the racers behind didn’t make it as easy for him. Taylor Greenfield (USA) ended 2nd and Arnold Neveling (RSA) was 3rd.

Today is the final day with the drivers’ parade and final race in all classes. Tonight will be the drivers’ party, which is always a fantastic night with dinner, presentations of awards, final of the tire changing contest, the announcement of next year location (bets are all on Sarno, Italy) and the disco.

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Photo credit: Cody Schindel / CKN

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