2018 Rotax Grand Finals: day 4 report

29 November 2018

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Conde, Brazil, November 29, 2018 – Yesterday was the first official day with the qualifying session and the first heat race in every classes. Weather was good so the different qualifying conditions expected by competitors didn’t happened.

Rotax Grand Finals CKN_584851125 Micro MAX

Qualifying –Mitchell Van Dijk set the pole with a 59.124. Douwe Dedecker (BEL) and Maksymilian Obst (POL) maintained the form they have showed all week by placing 2nd and 3rd both less than 0.15 behind the pole sitter.

Heat 1Van Dijk lead the race for most of it but a contact sent him in 34th place. Belgium Dedecker Douwe won the race.

125 Mini MAX

Qualifying – Farin Megger (GER) was the fastest on the track be his 3 best laps have been remove because he crossed the blend line on the track entry. Then pole ended up to Iakov Sokolov (RUS) with a time of 56.818. Kieran Hartley (CAN) did a 57.356 good for 21st place.

Heat 1 – Farin Megger (GER) had again a very good speed and despite his penalty in qualifying, he managed to win the first heat race just ahead of Evan Giltaire from France. Kieran Hartley is currently learning to drive in huge competitive field, gaining positions, losing some to finally ended 21st, same as his start position.

125 Junior MAX

Qualifying – From the Junior up to the DD2 drivers, classes had two qualifying groups. All Canadian where in the 2nd group. Overall, Australian Jaiden Pope (52.967) set the best time to take the pole position. Best Canadian was Thomas Nepveu in 5th place, just 0.156 second behind the pole man.  Townes Allen qualified very well with a time of 53.242 good for P. 16. Jason Leung had his three best lap removed because he crossed the blend line while entering the track for the session, putting him back to P. 38.

Heat 1 – A + B – Thomas Nepveu started 3rd and fought all race long to finished 2nd. This is a great start of the competition for him. Jason Leung also improve from his starting position and finished 17th. Jason Pope from Australia won the heat.

Heat 1 – C +D – This heat race was a tough learning for Townes Allen. There are some moves that cannot be done at this level of competition. Just being too wide in a corner can ended up wih a loss of several positions. He started the heat in P. 8 and finished 28th. Noel Leon from Mexico won the heat.

125 MAX

Rotax Grand Finals CKN0921961Qualifying – Unlike the Junior groups it was the first Odd group of Senior MAX karts that produced the overall Pole sitter Hannes Morin with a time of 52.035. Unfortunately, our drivers were in the 2nd group and it didn’t go well for them. Overall, Bryce Choquer qualified 59th and Coltin McCaughan 67th.

Heat 1-  A + B – No Canadian in this group. Hannes Morin (SWE) just crossed the finish line in front of Petr Bezel (CZE) with a 0.181 gap. Sweden’s Jesper Sjoeberg fought his way up 4 positions to finish 3rd.

Heat 1 – C +D – Mario Novak took the lead on the 2nd lap to win this heat. Bryce Choquer was involved in fights with many drivers and finished 24th after he started 29th. Coltin McCaughan had to give up after an aggressive maneuver from another competitor. After the race, one Korean driver has been excluded from the event after his tried to put his front bumper in place which is strictly forbidden and treated as unsportsmanlike conduct.  

125 MAX DD2 Masters

Qualifying – The Masters category was another class where a driver that set the fastest time in Qualifying did not get Pole position because he crossed the blend line at the track entry, transforming is pole position in a 70th place. So Grand Finals veteran Cristiano Morgardo (RSA) took the pole with a time of 52.569. Etienne La Salle (CAN) couldn’t have a clear lap and this best time of 53.605 was good for 55th position .

Heat 1 – A +B – The Masters class saw the first incident on Turn 1 of the event that affected a first row starter. Matthew Hamilton and Tommy Helfinger came together and dropped to the back of the field. This allowed 4 Time Grand Finals Champion Christiano Morgardo to lead most of the race before Fraser Hart and eventually Michael Stephen both took turns out front with the latter taking the win.

Heat 1 – C + D – Robert Pesevski (AUT) fought back from his qualifying mishap and showed his race pace with a win in the second heat for the class. Etienne La Salle improved by finishing 22nd after he started 27th.

125 MAX DD2

Qualifying – Australian Ryan Kennedy was able to better his time in Official Qualifying by just over a tenth to claim fastest time and give himself Pole for all 3 of his heats. Italian Claudio Pagliarani was 0.111 behind him with Xen De Ruwe (SVN) claiming 3rd. Davide Greco (CAN) qualified 22nd.

Heat 1 – A + B – Daniel Formal, racing under Costa Rica colours this time, was able to improve on his 3rd starting position to win the first DD2 heat from Claudio Pagliarani (ITA) and Ryan Wood (AUS). Greco had a great race and climbed from P. 12 to P. 6.

Heat 1 – C + D – Xen De Ruwe (SVN) made the most of his one pole position for the heats by crossing the line first ahead of Arnold Neveling from South Africa and Kacper Bielecki from Poland.

Today all classe are racing two qualifying heats.

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Photos credit: Cody Schindel / CKN

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