2018 Rotax Grand Finals: Day 3 report

28 November 2018

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CRotax Grand Finals Canadaonde, Brazil, November 28, 2018 –Tuesday provided the second day of thrilling on track action with each driver competing in 3 more non-qualifying practices.

Yesterday the weather was again very unstable and some drivers went on track with rain tires but at the speed the track is drying when the rain stop make option between wet tires and slicks very difficult. The weather will probably have a big impact on the event this week. Drivers worst fear is to see one group of their class qualifying on dry conditions while the other will have a wet track. Even if the officials will apply the 101% rule, this create and artificial result of the qualifying session when they merge the results.

125 Micro MAX

The youngest drivers seemed to be hit with the worst of the weather conditions with every session being affected by either a wet track or the rain except the last session. Both NQ-Practice 5 & 6 saw the same two names at the top of the time sheets with Belgium’s Douwe Dedecker (59.421) beating Poland’s Maksymilian Obst (59.438) by less than a tenth in each session.  We do not have Canadian representative in this class.

125 Mini MAX

Rotax Grand Finals Townes AllenA different driver topped each session today in the Mini MAX field which showed the depth and competitiveness of the class. Fastest time overall was a 56.962 by Dani Van Ruiten with a 56.962 followed closely by France’s Augustin Bernier on 56.966. Canadian Kieran Hartley’s best time of the day was 57.201.

125 Junior MAX

In the Junior MAX class the only driver able to clock the fastest time in more than one session was Esteban Masson from France with 53.334 in the last dry session. Canadians’ best time of this day was 53.391 for Thomas Nepveu, 53.529 for Jason Leung and 53.588 for Townes Allen.


125 MAX

The first Senior class out on track was also hit by the weather which meant that the two fastest times of the day were seen in the NQ-Practice 5. Austria’s Mario Novak managed a 52.682 ahead of James Lowther from the UK with a 52.682. Bryce Choquer (CAN) did his best in 53.293 and Coltin McCaughan (CAN) with 53.805

125 MAX DD2 Masters

The DD2 Masters came out fighting and brought the competition to Matthew Hamilton (52.885) from New Zealand who although was fastest in two of his three sessions was beaten to the fastest time of the day by less than 0.1 seconds by Finland’s Antti Ollikainen (52.832).  Etienne La Salle (CAN) clocked a 53.303 as best time of the day.

125 MAX DD2

Another driver to continue his good form from yesterdays practice was Australia’s Ryan Kennedy who managed to be fastest in all but one of his group sessions today. Daniel Formal achieved the same feat if only just slightly off Kennedys 52.117 with a 52.294. Davide Greco (CAN) did his best in 52.767.

Today real action starts. Drivers will have a warm-up session, the qualifying session (what they call here “Qualifying Practice” ) and will race in their first heat race.

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Photo Credit: Cody Schindel – CKN & Rotax Media

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