2018 RMCGF: Day 2 report

27 November 2018

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Conde, Brazil, November 27, 2018 – Monday again produced a hot and sunny start to proceedings when all of the drivers and teams arrived for the first day of on track action. Each Rotax MAX class would get three non-qualifying practices where they would be able to break in the engines and start the work on adjusting the set-up of the Chassis to suit this fast and flowing circuit.

Almost all of the classes got these in on a dry track with only light showers of rain that didn’t affect the track grip. The high temperatures and often high winds meant that although it rained multiple times, the track would dry out almost in a matter of minutes during the second group of non-qualifying practices. This resulted in no wet tires being needed until after the lunch break and the first of the Non-Qualifying Group 3 Sessions for Micro and Mini MAX were the only ones that needed to consider using wets. By the time it got to the Juniors, they were all back on slick tires although the track took some time to get back up to speed with all of the classes fastest laps of the day being recorded in practice 2. All important information for the drivers and their teams with the forecast predicting similar weather for the week ahead.

The drivers were getting to grips with the Paladino International Circuit with most describing it as fast and with high grip levels and a very technical uphill section were you are able to gain or lose a lot of time.

Keep in mind this results are just practice and most of our Canadian drivers are just few tenths behind. Half of a second at that level can result in a 40-50 places difference. Don’t forget, all drivers here are champion somewhere in the world!

125 Micro MAX

The youngest class of the event was topped by Alexander Skjelten of Latvia with a time of 1.00.040 but very close behind was Poland’s Maksymilian Obst who is running the number 1 this week. The final session for these drivers was in the wet so they have been able to experience both conditions already on the first day. Canada do not have any driver in this class. 2018 Team Canada Nepveu

125 Mini MAX

Daniil Kukuruzov from Ukraine posted the fastest lap time in the Mini Max category with a 56.419 ahead of Augustin Bernier who managed a 57.603 on dry tires in practice 2. Keiran Hartley won the race to be the first Canadian driver called to the Steward office. On track, his best time was: 57,988, which is good for 16th only 3 tenth behind second place! 

125 Junior MAX

The Junior class were able to stay on the slick tires for each of their sessions and it was the UAE’s Lachlan Robinson who posted a 53.416 only slightly ahead of Guilherme Oliveira from Portugal. Canadian results are closed with Jason Leung best time in 43.745 (18th) and Thomas Nepveu 53.787 (20th). Townes Allen clocked a 54.010 (30th).  

125 MAX

The 2018 Team Canada ChoquerSenior class was also separated by less than a tenth with Bastien Borget (FRA) managing 52.758 and Senna Van Walstijn 52.773. Coltin McCaughan had the best results with 53.522, good for 52nd place and Bryce Choquer did 53.805 (60th) 

125 MAX DD2 Masters

The class that produced the largest time difference between the two fastest drivers was the the Master Drivers. New Zealand’s Matthew Hamilton produced a 52.583 in the second practice session and the closest was Robert Pesevski (AUS) with 52.973. Canadian Etienne La Salle got a 54.317, good for 54th place. 

125 MAX DD2

Australia managed to top the time sheets with Ryan Kennedy and a 52.416 but South Africa’s Arnold Neveling again showed how competitive the 2018 RMCGF will be with a 52.438. Davide Greco (CAN) did a 53.055, good for 19th place.

Mixed conditions and extremely close times between many competitors in all of the classes illustrate what an exciting and competitive week we have to look forward too here at Paladino. Today the drivers will get three more non-qualifying practices were they can continue to test both the equipment and the track.

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Photo credit: Cody Schindel / CKN

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