2014 – Rotax Grand Finals : Wednesday

26 November 2014

Today was the qualifying day. At this level, every little mistake on the set-ups, tire pressure or on the track can put the driver far back in the results as the times are very close.

Just to give you an example, in the MAX class today, there was exactly 1 tenth of a second difference between the 3rd and 11th position!

Team Canada place 2 drivers in the top ten in the DD2 class and one in the MAX and DD2 class. Results seem more difficult in Junior and Senior but time wise, good heat races can repair everything.

Here the Canadian qualifying results with the pole sitter:

Junior MAX

1. Baciuska, Rokas Lithuania, 58.631
29. Mazzaferro, Gianfranco Canada, 59,215
51 Lupien, Samuel Canada 59.530
57 Van Eerd, Clay Canada 59.588


1 – Lahaye , Dylan Belgium 57.482
7 – Claman-DeMelo, Zachary Canada 57.888
46 – Choquer, Bryce Canada 58.369
48 – Paquet, Christophe Canada 58.398


1 – Morgado, Cristiano South Africa 55.947
21 – Clark, Stuart Canada 56.561
51 – Carvalho, Paul Canada 56.945
55 – Mondou, Francis Canada 57.135


1 – Babington, Sean UK 55.190
6 – Kingsley, Jeffrey Canada 55.371
10 – Cooper, Ben Canada 55.453
14 – Woodley, Fred Canada 55.537
54 – Buzza, John Canada 56.161

Tomorrow driver will race in two heat races. We are trying to keep you posted on our Facebook page but the internet connexion at the track suffers problems which make our job difficult. Don’t forget that you can follow live broadcast and timing on

Today’s interviews are with Gianfranco Mazzaferro and Zachary Claman-DeMelo.

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