2011 Rotax Grand Finals: Ouellette on pole!

23 November 2011

Today was becoming serious with the presentation of the qualifying sessions in each class. In international events, le qualifying position determines the starting position in each of the three qualifying heats. Before lunch, drivers had a final practice.

In the junior class, the qualifying session was quite good for the majority of the Team Canada members. Jesse Lazare was the fastest of the team with the 3rd best time. In 5th place, we have Kioychi Tsutsui, only 3 thousandths of a second behind Lazare. In fact, Tsutsui did the same time as the driver in 4th place. Not far behind we have Olivier Bédard in 13th place, only 17 hundredths of a second behind Lazare. Artem Korolev recovery well after having loosing first practice because of a mechanical problem. He qualified 23rd. Alex Guénette and Parker Thompson respectively qualified 41st and 55th.

Pos     #     Name     Fast Lap
1     164     Sasahara, Ukyo (Japan)     57.744
3     147     Lazare, Jesse     57.832
5     174     Tsutsui, Kyoichi     57.834
13     119     Bedard, Olivier     58.005
23     146     Korolev, Artem     58.126
41     133     Guenette, Alex     58.372
55     172     Thompson, Parker     58.582

In the Max senior class, we had fast Canadian drivers in the last practice were Marco DiLeo was 6th and Luke Chudleigh was 8th. The qualifying session was more difficult for our drivers. DiLeo was again the fastest driver of the team, with the 12th place. The second best Canadian was Chris Glover with the 22nd place. We must underline the gap between pole and 39th place is lest than half of a second and the gap between pole and position 60th is 9 tenths!

Pos     #     Name     Fast Lap
1     217     Babington, Sean (UK)     56.787
12     225     Dileo, Marco     57.014
22     234     Glover, Chris     57.125
47     220     Chudleigh, Luke     57.376
56     268     Szigeti, Steven     57.573
62     215     Arnold, Reid     57.944

As you know, the actual DD2-Masters world champion is the Canadian Scott Campbell. He started quite good in defending his title with the third place in qualifyings. He will have to face a very strong new competitor, South African driver Christian Morgado, which won the 2003 RMCGF in Egypt in the Rotax Max class.

Pos     #     Name     Fast Lap
1     437     Morgado, Cristiano (RSA)     56.222
3     416     Campbell, Scott     56.500
17     417     Clark, Stuart     57.071
38     424     Ivichek, David     57.632

In the DD2 class, Pier-Luc Ouellette set the fastest lap in the morning practice and repeated in the qualifying session, beating the track record he was holding since 2007 when he won the world title. Excellent result also for Nicholas Latifi who had to came him after a meat ball flag. They removed his times done after he lost a side pod and his official time is the one set on lap 2, which wasn’t his best time. Anyway, he scored a fantastic 6th place.

Pos     #     Name     Fast Lap
1     353     Ouellette, Pier-Luc     55.562
6     340     Latifi, Nicholas     55.673
20     348     Mcewan, Tyler     55.891
23     330     Herder, Kyle     55.919
25     367     White, Darren     55.951
28     315     Burkett, Daniel     56.032
32     313     Boisclair, Christophe     56.052

Today video is interviews with junior driver Kioychi Tsutsui and DD2 Masters drivers Scott Campbell and Stuart Clark. Tomorrow, drivers will race in their first two qualifying heats. You can see the interviews on sur Youtube. We would like to remind you that starting tomorrow, every sessions will be broadcasted live on the internet. See the event official website for further details:


Text and pictures: Patrick Moreau   

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